What Does Apt, Suite, Etc, Means?

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By Ryan Robinson

When filling out a form, providing your address may be necessary. For instance, on the Play Store, a physical address is required for users of paid apps. This ensures Google can reach out to you regarding payment-related issues. Failure to provide an address may lead to removal of your apps from the Play Store. Similarly, to use the iTunes service, entering a billing address is a must.

This helps Apple know where to send the bill after a purchase and confirms your eligibility to use iTunes/App Store in your area. This guide illuminates the significance of terms like “apt” and “suite” in billing addresses for Play Store or shipping purposes. i will cover the following points:

Meaning of “Apt” in an address

Apt Suite Etc

When it comes to addresses, the term “Apt” stands for your apartment number. It serves as a specific identifier within a building.

For instance, if your address includes “Apt 2B,” it indicates apartment number 2B within the building.

It is recommended to keep the Apt field blank unless you possess an apartment number or share the address with others, ensuring clarity and precision in postal deliveries.

Meaning “Suite” in an address

“Suite” in an address denotes an office or room number within a building, especially in multi-tenant office buildings. Including your Suite number helps differentiate between various offices or rooms. For instance, “Suite 11” indicates office suite number 11 within a building. Unless multiple individuals share the same address, it is recommended to leave the Suite field blank.

What does Apt Suite mean?


“Apt Suite” represents an apartment number and office/room number respectively. You can use either your apartment number or suite number interchangeably. If you lack one, leaving the field blank suffices. Suites are commonly found in shopping malls or office buildings. For example, “Apartment 2B” or “Suite 11” are ways to indicate Apt/Suite.

What does Apt, Suite, Etc. mean?

Apt Suite Etc

“Apt Suite Etc” includes apartment number, office/room number, and so on. It is often optional in an address. It is advisable to leave this field blank and write “N/A” or “Nil” unless you need to specify an apartment number or suite number. Generally, the “Street Address” field is adequate. For instance, “Apartment 2B” or “Suite 11” are examples of how Apt Suite Etc can be written.

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