Discover The Best 3 Point Slinger For Camera in 2023

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By Salman Fareed

Using a 3 point slinger is the ideal approach to moving around with your camera without worrying about it getting in the way. It is a must-have accessory for you if you’re always traveling with your camera. The slingers also protect and keep your camera safe from falling down.

You can feel secure in the safety of your gear because of its simplicity of use and secure attachment. This add-on secures your device and fits over one shoulder. Let’s list some of the best 3 point slingers for cameras you can get in 2023 and beyond.

Ocim Camera Strap

Ocim Camera Strap

Ocim Camera strap is among the best 3 point slinger for camera you can get in 2023. It is a bit more expensive on the budget but its features are worth the price.

The camera body and the slinger’s strap are connected by a safety strap. This gives you a tremendous degree of comfort. It fastens to a strap eyelet at the end nearest the camera.

A strong metal locking carabiner is also present on the sling. The cushioned shoulder strap is stabilized by an underarm strap. The straps’ locking mechanisms are adjustable. The camera won’t be able to move around because of this.

Waka Camera Neck Strap

Waka Camera Neck Strap

In the large cushioned shoulder strap of the Waka camera strap, there is a little storage compartment. It has adequate room for extra memory cards or a lens cleaning cloth. At the camera end, a plate is where the adjustable straps attach.

The tripod mount receives the plate via a screw. But it has a tripod screw socket of its own. Therefore, you can use your tripod without removing the sling or its attachment.

Even your spring-loaded plate may be left in place. In addition, the Waka has a safety strap to keep your equipment from falling. The camera strap’s attachment clip is not a locking carabiner, which is a drawback.

PiuQ Professional Quick Release Camera Strap

PiuQ Professional Quick Release Camera Strap

This is a wonderful choice for your 3 point slinger that is also affordable. The padded shoulder strap offers comfort, and the durable product material offers protection.

It’s a wonderful and practical feature to have scratch protection. Another benefit is that the strap’s length may be adjusted.

Although there is no safety strap, this is still a good alternative for a lightweight device. Additionally, the cost is really affordable.

The only downside of this 3 point slinger is that you must take the eyelet off to use a tripod. This reduces the functionality of the sling.

USA GEAR Camera Sling

USA GEAR Camera Sling

The USA GEAR TrueSHOT adds some color and vibrance to the mix. Also, it does a lot of things correctly. A tripod thread is provided by the fastening plate. Thus, you are still able to utilize your tripod when it is on.

It has an underarm strap that stabilizes. A carabiner with a lock is used to secure the sling. Even two pockets are present. one for memory cards and one that expands for more accessories

The absence of a quick release for the safety strap is the only thing I dislike. This seems to be a regrettable error. On the plus side, it can tie two slings together thanks to its wonderful design. This means you can attach a spare camera or a spare lens to the other sling.

The USA GEAR TrueSHOT is certainly among the best 3 point slinger for camera available in 2023 and beyond.

BlackRapid Original Series

BlackRapid Original Series

All of the cross-shoulder straps we’ve looked at so far are more than twice as expensive as the BlackRapid Original 3 point slinger for camera. Nothing strikingly obvious exists to support that extra cost. Some consumers claim that when a harness broke and their DSLR was damaged, BlackRapid helped cover the repair costs.

BlackRapid is built of high-quality components. A plate on the locking carabiner stops very unpleasant movement. Additionally, the shoulder padding is strong and breathable.

However, there is no safety leash, and in order to utilize a tripod, the screw-in eyelet must be removed. You must weigh the advantages of purchasing a well-known brand with a good reputation against that.

Altura Camera Strap

Altura Camera Strap

Altura is renowned for producing amazing camera slings at surprisingly low prices. They also have a fantastic 3 point slinger for photography enthusiasts.

The Altura shoulder strap has a useful secret storage pouch with a zipped pocket where you can stash extra batteries, memory cards, and gum. Additionally, there is anti-slip padding underneath the main shoulder pad, so even when you move around, the strap and your camera remain in place.

Altura camera slinger is ideal for carrying a camera while doing activities like rock climbing, cycling, and even brisk strolling.

Tips To Consider Before Buying 3 Point Slinger For Camera

Here are some tips that you should seriously consider before you decide which 3 point slinger for camera you should buy.


There are a few details that should be planned out in advance for the effective use of three-point slingers:

First, make sure the accessory is appropriate for your height. Second, think about its capacity. Check to see if there are any issues before bringing along extra lenses or even a second camera.

Third, consider whether you’ll feel comfortable carrying multiple items at once if you’re also using a backpack for your photography equipment. You might require a shoulder pad.

No matter how hefty the camera is, paying enough attention to all these details will guarantee your comfort throughout the photo shoot.

Build Design

Customers always consider an item’s appearance before purchasing it, and 3 point slingers are no exception. It can be an attractive addition to your appearance in addition to all of its practical uses.

This accessory comes in a range of hues and patterns. To reflect your individuality, you can go with simple neutral hues like black and white as well as anything out of the ordinary.

You can also pick the leather or nylon material that you want. Of course, you shouldn’t ignore the product’s utility, but the selection is large enough that you can discover a product that meets your needs in terms of both appearance and functionality.

Safety and Security of Your Gear

Due to their padded straps, 3 point slingers are excellent for transporting cameras. Another benefit of using camera straps over traditional straps or large bags is the evenly distributed weight of your camera gear.

With so much mobility, you can no longer hold the camera in your hand the entire time and yet obtain the photo you want. The 3 point safety strap system holds your camera in place so you can quickly remove it when needed.

This accessory is regarded as one of the safest for transporting photographic equipment. Of course, a lot depends on the product’s quality, so read customer reviews before making a decision and select the item that offers the best value.

Attaching 3 Point Slinger To A Camera

The majority of cameras feature two main straps for attaching to objects. While the tripod thread is another common attachment point, the original strap uses points in the shoulders.

A few cameras feature extra points for batteries, accessories, etc. The more alternatives you have, the simpler photo shoots will be for you.


Both amateur and expert photographers can benefit greatly from the 3 point slinger for camera. Everyone will enjoy its ease of use and value. It safely fastens your camera to your body while allowing you to move about freely.

Additionally, this accessory will be much more practical than a typical strap for carrying multiple devices because it equally distributes the weight of the gear.

The USA GEAR TrueSHOT appears to offer all the necessary characteristics if you have a limited budget. You can have comfort and convenience for a reasonable price. The locking mechanism is secure, and the tripod can still be used.

Let us know which slinger is your favorite and which one are you looking forward to buying during Christmas!

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