Chegg Plagiarism Checker Review 2024: Is It Practical?

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By Salman Fareed

Are you on the fence about buying Chegg’s new Plagiarism checker? Worry not, I have prepared a review for Chegg Plagiarism Checker which will help you explore its benefits and features so you can make the right decision.

Whether you’re a professional writer or only a university student, using plagiarism in your writing can hurt you. Your work must never contain any intentional or unintentional plagiarism.

It is essential for you to always proofread your writing for plagiarism. Tools like CopyScape, Turnitin, and Chegg Plagiarism Checker can help identify any intentional or unintentional plagiarism in your content.

Chegg uses technology similar to Turnitin to evaluate your work against billions of sources, including web pages, to identify plagiarism. After the content has been examined for plagiarism, a report is given with the total proportion of the copied material.

Additionally, Chegg’s plagiarism tool evaluates your document for any erroneous citations and offers corrections.

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Chegg Plagiarism Checker Features

Chegg offers various benefits and features in its plagiarism checker tool.

  • Chegg can assist you in spotting more than 200 different grammar problems, such as punctuation errors.
  • Less expensive compared to Turnitin.
  • Fairly accurate plagiarism checker.
  • The Chegg plagiarism detector is quite quick at finding plagiarism.
  • Safe to use.
  • Cancel the subscription anytime.

Advanced Grammar Correction

Chegg can identify more than 200 grammatical mistakes, such as adverb and comma problems, and correct them for you. It is a very handy feature for professional writers that are looking to create content at a high pace.

Format Correction

Your writing will remain concise and clear with the help of the format correction option.

Cost Friendly

You must purchase a subscription in order to access all of Chegg’s features and benefits. It will cost you $9.95 every month.

Once you purchase a subscription, you may use an infinite amount of paper scans, check for plagiarism against billions of sources, and hire professionals to proofread any kind of paper.


Chegg Plagiarism Checker is very accurate. By finding content similarity matches, it generates very accurate results. The program searches a database of content that has been crawled for text elements.

Chegg’s correctness is demonstrated by the daily hundreds of checks it processes and conducts by matching them to the millions of available sources.


The Chegg plagiarism checker is quite quick at finding plagiarism. You won’t have to wait for many hours as with other online plagiarism checking programs after you paste your content on Chegg and check for plagiarism.

Your work is quickly scanned and recognized on Chegg. No matter how long the work is, you will obtain your plagiarism report in a few seconds.

Data Storage

The content is saved in the database of the Chegg Plagiarism tool once it has detected plagiarism in it. This helps stop the paper’s content from being used in the future.

Chegg will flag content as plagiarised if it is submitted with just a few minor facts altered. Your choice as to whether your content stays on Chegg is up to you. You have the option to request that Chegg remove your work from its database.

Chegg Plagiarism Checker vs Turnitin Plagiarism checker

Turnitin is the best plagiarism-detecting tool on the internet, hands down. Every day, more than a million submissions are received by t, which checks them for plagiarism using billions of online sources.

Chegg gives incredibly accurate findings since it uses technology that is quite comparable to Turnitin’s.

When comparing Chegg Plagiarism Checker with Turnitin Plagiarism checker free, I found very similar results and little to no difference between the two. However, Turnitin is far more expensive than Chegg’s plagiarism tool.

Turnitin starts at $18.95 a month. Chegg offers unlimited document scanning for less than $10 per month. Chegg will be the better option if cost is your main concern.

Is Chegg Plagiarism Checker Worth It?

Chegg is a developing educational platform with several features to support both students and teachers. The “Writing Pack” from Chegg only costs $9.95 a month and includes the Plagiarism Checker tool.

If you want to make sure that your writing is free of plagiarism and grammatical faults, I’d say the tool is totally worth the money at this price. Additionally, it will be more exact and clear.

The Chegg plagiarism checker is the way to go if you truly need to take your writing’s correctness and originality to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here I will answer all the frequently asked questions about Chegg’s plagiarism-detecting tool.

Is there any free version of Chegg?

No. The Chegg plagiarism checker tool costs money. To enjoy all of its features, you must have a $9.95 monthly subscription in order to access it.

You will only receive a trial as a free gift. You have three days to use Chegg during this trial period before deciding whether or not to subscribe.

Chegg is one of the least expensive plagiarism detectors available. You thus have a means of avoiding the pricey Turnitin and CopyScape.

Which is better: Chegg Plagiarism Checker or Turnitin?

Both plagiarism-detecting tools are fantastic and there is no denying that. When we compare the two tools, we don’t really see much of a difference in the results. However, Chegg Plagiarism Checker is fairly cheap compared to Turnitin, starting at $9.95 per month.

What are the alternatives to Chegg’s Plagiarism Tool?

There are several fantastic alternatives to Chegg’s plagiarism-detecting tool but they can be a little expensive. The alternatives include tools such as Turnitin, CopyScape, Grammarly, and SafeAssign.

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