How To Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error [SOLVED 2022]

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By Salman Fareed

Avast Antivirus is a collection of internet security programs made by Avast for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It is a great antivirus solution, however, there are several issues that may arise when using this application. One of the problems that you may face when using Avast Antivirus is the Avast UI Failed to Load Error. The error dialogue also includes the ‘Exit’ and ‘Restart Service’ buttons.

Avast UI failed to load error is a really annoying error. It occurs when the program fails to launch the Avast app’s user interface. This might happen for a variety of reasons. The antivirus program might be turned off, or something could have gone wrong during an update or installation.

This article will undoubtedly assist you if you have experienced a similar situation and have scratched your brain regarding how to solve it. So let’s get started now, shall we?

What Really Is Avast UI Failed To Load Error?

How To Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error In 2022 [WORKING]

The error message “Avast UI Failed To Load Error” relates to the service on Windows failing to run as it should. There have been reports of the remote desktop service producing this problem for a few customers.

AVG Antivirus users have experienced a similar problem as reported by their customer representatives.

Causes Behind The Error

An erroneous Windows Services configuration causes the Avast UI Failed To Load Error. The majority of customers began seeing this problem after installing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

There are a few other causes behind the error as listed down below:

  • Windows Services configuration error.
  • Another third-party program is blocking Avast.
  • Avast could not be configured due to a recent Windows Update.
  • Remote Access Services are not operating on your computer due to missing or damaged files in your Avast antivirus application.

Methods To Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error

The Avast UI frequently fails to launch owing to problems with Windows 10’s Remote Desktop Services. Most of the time, changing the functionality will allow the user interface to load properly. Otherwise, you must update, repair, or replace the Avast installation.

Restarting Avast Antivirus Application

This is probably the easiest and simple method to fix the Avast UI failed to load error. Simply restarting your Avast software is the simplest solution.

This will re-initialize the UI and may result in it loading successfully. All you have to do is exit the antivirus application by following the instructions below, and then relaunch it.

  • Select Task Manager from the context menu by right-clicking on an empty spot on your taskbar.
  • Scroll down until you find any Avast processes in the active list, then click on it once to select it.
  • After you’ve selected the Avast process that’s causing the issue, click the End task button. This will end the procedure completely. Make careful to repeat these procedures for all Avast processes that are currently active.
  • After ending all Avast processes, relaunch the program to test if the UI can be loaded correctly.

Restart Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services are required for Avast Antivirus to work in Windows 10. If the Avast UI does not appear, you must adjust the default behavior of Remote Desktop Services.

  • To open the Services console, press Windows+S, enter services, and then click Open.
  • Scroll down and look for the Remote Desktop Services service. Right-click and choose Properties
How To Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error In 2022 [WORKING]
  • Set the Startup type to Automatic under the General tab. Then, choose Start to change the Service status to Running.
How To Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error In 2022 [WORKING]
  • Restart your PC, whether it’s desktop or laptop.
  • Launch the Avast user interface from the system tray or the Start menu.

Update or Upgrade Avast Antivirus

If the previous methods did not resolve the Avast UI issue, you should update or repair the Avast Antivirus application.

  • Select Apps and Features by pressing Windows+X.
  • Find and choose the Avast Antivirus product that is generating problems on your computer. Then click Uninstall.
  • To update the application, select the Update option and follow all on-screen prompts.
  • Restart your computer and launch the Avast interface again.
  • If the problem persists, repeat steps 1-4, but this time pick the Repair option in step 3.

Reinstall Avast Antivirus Application

If upgrading or repairing Avast Antivirus does not resolve the issue, you may have to reinstall it on your computer to address the underlying causes of the UI crash. However, you must first delete all traces of the application. The Avast Uninstall Utility should assist you in doing so.

  • Run the Avast Uninstall Utility after downloading it.
  • To start Windows 10 in Safe Mode, choose Yes.
  • To confirm, select Yes once more. In Safe Mode, restart your machine and load the operating system. Soon after, the Avast Uninstall Utility should launch automatically.
  • Choose the Avast product and installation directory.
  • Select the uninstall option.
  • To restart Windows 10, select Restart computer.
  • Download and run the Avast installer to reinstall the anti-malware software on your computer. If you use a premium version of Avast, you must log in again and re-authenticate the software.

Uninstall Third-Party Antivirus Applications

You may encounter problems if you have antivirus software other than Windows Defender installed on your machine. These conflicts may eventually cause the Avast UI to fail to load error since the application may be blocked by another antivirus program.

  • Press the Windows + X keys simultaneously, then select Apps and Features from the context menu.
How To Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error In 2022 [WORKING]
  • Scroll through your app list until you find another third-party antivirus program. When you locate one, choose it and then uninstall it by clicking Uninstall > Uninstall.
  • Many antivirus applications have their own uninstaller. Follow any on-screen instructions to uninstall the software entirely, including any user configuration files and leftover data.
  • After removing any other antivirus software, restart your computer and reinstall Avast Antivirus.

Update Windows 10/11

Still no joy? Never give up! You still have one more option. If the Avast Antivirus UI keeps failing, you must upgrade Windows 10 to the most recent version.

This may resolve any system-related difficulties that are stopping the software from loading on your machine. Even if Avast is functioning effectively, it’s a good idea to maintain Windows 10 up to date in order to repair security-related flaws and loopholes.

  • Select Settings from the Start menu.
  • Choose Update & Security.
How To Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error In 2022 [WORKING]
  • To install the most recent Windows 10 updates, select Check for updates and then download and install.
How To Fix Avast UI Failed To Load Error In 2022 [WORKING]

Closing Words

We hope you were successful in resolving the Avast UI failed to load error with Avast programs by following our step-by-step instructions. If not, we recommend contacting Avast Support for assistance in diagnosing your issue.

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