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How To Log in To IHG Merlin Web Portal

by Salman Fareed
How To Log In To IHG Merlin Portal - Infotechbizz

In this article, we’ll walk you through the ways of logging into the IHG Merlin web portal in order to access your benefits. Additionally, you’ll discover how to change your password and more! Your stay will go smoothly if you keep these suggestions in mind.

A few years ago, IHG launched Merlin, an intranet for employees that connects all of its hotels worldwide. Colleagues can access current business intelligence for all IHG properties on the platform to stay informed about what’s occurring there.

Merlin now links every IHG property in a single communications platform after being created by more than 230 people from around the world. It is now the go-to place for business intelligence, training opportunities, and corporate and HR news.

It was created to facilitate quick decision-making and enhance data processing. At IHG, Merlin has always been a crucial component of the revenue management system.

With Merlin, employees can also access the IHG corporate discount, which is helpful to both hotel owners and staff.

IHG Merlin Login

In order to log in to Merlin, you will need to have an account. You can create an account by visiting the IHG login page.

After creating the account, use the confirmed sign-on username and password to log in. Create a strong password; the InfoTechBizz team suggests using song lyrics with both capital and lowercase characters as they are particularly safe.

You can access all of your company benefits by logging in to the Merlin portal, which is free to do.

Resetting The Password

There is a way to reset your IHG Merlin login password in case you’ve forgotten it. Visit the login page and click on “Reset Password”. You’ll be then sent a temporary password to your account’s email.

Use that password to login back into your account and then change your password in the settings once more. Make sure to note down your new password or keep it in a password manager.

You can access a variety of information from your IHG Merlin account using your email address. Additionally, you may stay connected with other colleagues and see the most recent company news.

IHG Rewards Sign up

The process of IHG rewards sign up is quite simple to do. You can join the IHG Rewards Club at Merlin by logging into the IHG web portal and taking the following actions.

You must enter your login and password first. You must also enter your domain name. Then you can access your IHG Merlin account and take advantage of employee benefits after you have these details.

IHG Merlin Rewards Signup Step 1
Step 1

If you work with IHG, you may register your membership online with your IHG Rewards Club number and business ID. Your IHG Merlin profile will then be linked to your ID, giving you access to the employee rate.

IHG Merlin Rewards Signup Step 2
Step 2
IHG Merlin Rewards Signup Step 3
Step 3
IHG Merlin Rewards Signup Step 4
Step 4

To use this service, you must be an IHG employee, as the staff is not permitted to make reservations without it. You need to have a legitimate photo ID with the name that appears on your reservation.

If you work for a franchised hotel, you must first get the manager’s consent.

IHG Merlin Marketplace

The one-stop store for products and services for IHG resorts and hotels is the IHG Marketplace. This online store combines top-notch strategic sourcing capabilities with an intuitive ordering platform in order to give the hotel industry access to the combined purchasing power of the IHG system.

IHG can pass on its scale to its members, providing them with immediate savings and rebates, as the largest hotel group in the world.

IHG Employee Room Program

IHG Employee Room Rate

There are a number of things to keep in mind before applying for the IHG employee room rate benefits. To register for the Employee Room Benefit Program, an employee must have a Merlin ID and an IHG Rewards Club membership.

The hotel manager will then enroll the employee in the program. The subscription will expire after six months, so you should renew it every six months. Rooms are available at an affordable rate, but you must use a valid ID to access the rooms.

You can reserve up to 7 nights of lodging through this program at the IHG employee rate each year. Reservations must be made at least 90 days beforehand.

If you are an employee of IHG Merlin, you must take advantage of this wonderful program.


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