Who Is Natalie Michelle Cummings? Natalie Michelle Cummings Wiki, Biography, Net Worth & More

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Natalie Michelle Cummings, a well-known American personality who was born on May 19, 1989, is also well-known in the country as an American television actress, Yoga trainer, and as social media influencer. The famous woman is the only daughter of Maureen McCormick and Michael Cummings.

Let’s find out more about Natalie Cummings age, biography, wiki, net worth, and more!

Who Natalie Michelle Cummings Really Is?

Natalie Michelle Cummings Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth & More

The well-known Natalie Michelle Cummings is the only daughter of Michael Cummings and Maureen McCormick. Natalie Michelle Cummings has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and an unknown weight for someone of her size. She is a stunning woman with a flawless physical composition and a light skin tone.

Natalie Michelle Cummings was born on May 19, 1989, in the United States, according to her wiki. She is of white ethnicity and holds American citizenship by virtue of her birth.

Her mother Maureen McCormick is well-known for her portrayal of Marcia Brady in the ABC television series The Brady Bunch. Maureen is a talented writer and vocalist in addition to being an actress.

Her father made an appearance in Miracle on Ice. In essence, any individual who is aware of this is a famous child. Natalie’s grandparents were Irene and Richard McCormick, and her uncles were Michael, Kevin, and Dennis McCormick. The information about her aunt has not yet been found.

Natalie Michelle Cummings’ father worked in several films, TV shows, and advertisements. In 1989, her father, Cummings, gave up acting and began working in the business.

Michael Cummings then made a comeback to acting after 20 successful years in business. When he eventually resumed acting, he also indicated an interest in pursuing certain ideas in partnership with his wife. Both her mother and father are actors.

Natalie Michelle Cummings Biography & Wiki

Natalie Michelle Cummings Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth & More
Real NameNatalie Michelle Cummings
Date of BirthMay 19, 1989
Age (As of 2022)33 years old
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California
ProfessionYoga Trainer, Social Media Marketing
Height5 Feet 6 inches
167 cm
1.6 m
Weight68 Kilograms
149.9 lbs
Body Measurements39-30-38
Net Worth (approx.)between $1 Million – $5 Million.


She is a graduate, but no information on her credentials has been discovered, and she also refuses to speak to the media about her personal life. She finished her elementary schooling at the local high school. Natalie Michelle also inherited Maureen’s writing genes.

Her posts about yoga demonstrate her literary prowess. This book, written by Maureen’s daughter, demonstrates her enthusiasm for yoga-based well-being. She also has training in yoga instruction and digital marketing.


Natalie Michelle Cummings Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth & More

Celebrity children typically choose a job along the lines of their parents. People thus anticipated Natalie to work in the entertainment sector when she was born and raised. It was a reasonable assumption given that her parents are both actresses.

However, Natalie Michelle Cummings picked a different professional path and stuck with business. Much to everyone’s surprise, Natalie runs her own business. In the United States of America, she effectively manages a yoga website. Natalie mostly instructs guys in the exercise method of yoga.

Additionally, those who don’t have enough time for yoga but still want to stay in shape and build strength are the target audience for the Cardio Yoga Fusion.

Natalie Michelle Cummings’ lucrative salary is the cause of the success of her firm. She is also a social media influencer and American television actor. She spent four years working in digital marketing. She managed the Webmaster’s social media marketing.

Moreover, she also oversaw digital media for “Yoga for Arthritis.” She has also held professional positions in web design and development.

Personal Life and Relationships

Natalie Michelle Cummings Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth & More

In 1985, Natalie’s parents were united in marriage. The first time the pair had met was at the chapel. Her mother has acknowledged that she uses drugs. She even exchanged sex for drug use. After meeting her father and getting married, she contemplated altering her behavior. She bequeathed everything to her family. Michael Cummings has always stood with her and helped her through difficult times. The couple is still together because of this.

Her parents are well-known celebrities with substantial net worths in addition to their own careers in show business. Since she lives with her parents, she too has parental wealth. Without a question, Natalie is leading a very happy and comfortable life.

Natalie Michelle Cummings appears to be coy about discussing specifics of her dating life with the general public or the media. She has had a number of romances throughout her time in college. However, she is yet to decide who is best for her since life is full of joy and happiness when you eventually find your perfect soul partner.

So far as we are aware, Natalie Michelle Cummings is either single or has never been in a relationship. Additionally, Natalie hasn’t been associated with any rumors, controversies, or affairs that may harm her public image. She hasn’t yet introduced us to her partner, which may be the cause at this point.

Natalie Michelle Cummings Body Measurements

Natalie Michelle Cummings Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth & More

Natalie Michelle Cumming, the stunning and breathtakingly lovely daughter of Maureen McCormick, has a perfect body. She has a thin body type, which enhances the appeal of her gorgeous appearance.

Natalie Michelle Cummings body measurements are 39-30-38. She has stunning, long, flowing blonde hair. In a similar vein, Natalie Michelle Cummings has a set of stunning hazel eyes.

Natalie Michelle Cummings Net Worth

She has a successful website and earns a nice living teaching yoga. To sum up, Natalie Michelle is living a contented existence in the United States of America.

The estimated net worth of Natalie Michelle Cummings as of 2019 ranges from $1 million to $5 million.

Some Quick Facts About Natalie Michelle

  • She is the only daughter of Maureen McCormick and Michael Cummings.
  • Natalie does not have an official Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account.
  • Natalie’s Zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • After she was born, her father, Micahel Cummings quit performing as an actor.
  • Maureen McCormick, the mother of Natalie, overcame her drug addiction and melancholy.
  • Natale Michelle Cummings does not drink or smoke.

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