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By Ryan Robinson

Introduction to Vabbing at the Gym

Vabbing is a term that has come to prominence recently, and it refers to a unique practice involving the use of one’s own vaginal fluid as a kind of perfume. The process involves dabbing a few drops of these fluids on pulse points on the body, such as the wrists and neck. The concept behind this practice is to help people attract potential partners using their own natural scent​​.

Vabbing on TikTok

Rise of Vabbing on TikTok

The idea of vabbing became topical online after it was introduced by sexologist Shan Boodram who revealed that she often uses this method before a night out. As with many trends, TikTok played a significant role in popularizing vabbing, and it became viral on the platform in 2022​.

Transition of Vabbing to the Gym

Interestingly, the trend has evolved, and TikTok users have started to vab this natural perfume before they do a workout at the gym. The logic behind this trend is that the gym, a place where many people go to maintain their health and fitness, is a great place to meet potential partners. However, this trend has raised eyebrows, as many people find it unhygienic due to the already prevalent sweat and lack of cleanliness in gym environments​.

Controversy Surrounding Gym Vabbing

Despite the controversy, the trend continues to gain momentum, and more people are trying it out. In one case, a TikTok user shared her process of vabbing at the gym, claiming that it worked and helped her attract a male partner while she was working out​.

First Experience of Vabbing at the Gym

The experience of vabbing at the gym was first popularized through viral TikTok videos. One notable instance was when a TikTok user recorded her process of vabbing before heading to the gym. She described her experience as successful, claiming that a male gym-goer had approached and initiated a conversation with her during her workout. In her follow-up video, she exclaimed, “Vabbing works!” as she shared that they had exchanged numbers​. Despite the controversy, such accounts have continued to influence others to try the trend themselves, hoping to experience similar results.

Meaning Behind Vabbing

Vabbing, at its core, revolves around the belief that personal scents can play a significant role in attraction. The term itself is a portmanteau of “vaginal dabbing,” symbolizing the act of dabbing vaginal secretions onto pulse points like the wrist, neck, or behind the ears. It is thought that these natural scents can stimulate attraction and interest from potential partners​.

Public Reactions to Vabbing at the Gym

While vabbing has found its proponents, many have expressed their distaste and concern for this trend, especially when it is performed at the gym. Critics have described the practice as “gross,” “nasty,” and “unhygienic,” citing the gym’s inherent lack of cleanliness due to the sweat and germs already present. The thought of adding personal secretions to the mix has been enough to repel many from public gyms, leading to a polarized reaction to this trend online​​.

Science Behind Vabbing

Effectiveness of Vabbing

The efficacy of vabbing as an attraction method lacks scientific validation. As of my last training data in September 2021, there was no research indicating that this technique effectively attracts potential partners. Some experts have suggested that any perceived effectiveness might be attributed to the placebo effect, wherein individuals believe that they are more attractive and thus behave more confidently, leading to increased attention​.

Health Concerns Related to Vabbing

From a health perspective, experts have cautioned against the act of vabbing due to potential risks. Penetrating the vagina with a finger as is recommended for vabbing, may cause or spread infection. In addition, the practice may lead to increased exposure to germs, especially when performed in environments like gyms, which are already teeming with bacteria from sweat and unclean equipment​​.


The trend of vabbing at the gym is a testament to the power of social media platforms like TikTok in shaping societal behaviors and norms. While it has certainly garnered attention and participation, it’s important to approach it with skepticism and caution, considering the lack of scientific support and potential health risks associated with it. Public opinion remains divided on the issue, with some swearing about its effectiveness and others decrying it as unhygienic and inappropriate. As this trend continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how it will be perceived and whether its popularity will persist in the face of increasing scrutiny and controversy.

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