21 Best “Buy Now, Pay Later” Sites Like Fingerhut with No Credit Checks

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By Ryan Robinson

Fingerhut has made it possible for people with low or no credit to buy products now and pay for them in installments later. However, Fingerhut is not the only site that offers such “buy now, pay later” options. There are many Fingerhut alternatives that provide similar services.

An Overview of Fingerhut and Its Alternatives

Fingerhut allows customers, including those with poor credit or no credit history, to shop for products and pay for them over time in monthly installments. The advantage of using sites like Fingerhut is that you can buy appliances, electronics, furniture, etc. without paying the full price upfront.

However, Fingerhut products tend to be overpriced. So it helps to know some alternatives where you can find similar items for lower prices while still being able to pay for them in installments over time.

Key Features of Fingerhut Alternatives

Here are the typical features offered by Fingerhut alternative sites:

  • No Credit Checks: Most of these sites do not check credit scores before approving “buy now pay later” payment plans. So people with bad credit or no credit can qualify.
  • Interest-Free Plans: You can pay over a few months in equal installments without paying any interest on sites like Fingerhut. The total you end up repaying is the original product price only.
  • Low Minimum Payments: Depending on the site and the price of your purchase, you may have to pay only $10 to $50 per month. This makes big-ticket items affordable.
  • No Membership Fees: You do not need to pay an annual account maintenance fee.

Now, let’s look at 21 popular Fingerhut alternative sites in detail.

21 Top Sites Like Fingerhut for “Buy Now Pay Later” Shopping

Here are the best sites for getting products on installment payment plans with no credit checks:

1. Venue – Most Flexible Installment Plans


Venue is an online marketplace featuring appliances, electronics, shoes, furniture, fashion items, etc. from top brands. You get loyalty rewards and cashback when shopping here.

Their flexible “Buy Now Pay Later” payment plans are suited for all credit levels. You can choose to make biweekly or monthly repayment installments.

2. Stoneberry – Lowest Minimum Payments


Stoneberry specializes in household items ranging from patio furniture to bedding to electronics appliances that you can buy on monthly payment plans starting at just $5.99 per month according to Stoneberry. They also report timely payments to credit bureaus to help build your credit score.

3. The Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel

At The Shopping Channel site based on the popular TV show, you can find fashionable clothes, jewelry, makeup, electronics on easy installment plans approved instantly without credit checks.

4. Gettington


Gettington offers over 350,000 products with the option to pay over 5-10 months on installment plans tailored to your purchase amount. For example, $900 purchase is payable at $50 or less per month.

5. Home Shopping Network

Home Shopping Network

Home Shopping Network (HSN) is a great place to find home décor, kitchen appliances, electronics, fashion accessories, etc. You can choose to split your payments over 3-6 months depending on item price and total order value.

6. FlexShopper

FlexShopper offers over 100,000 products focused mainly on furniture, electronics, appliances, etc. Their unique payment option allows paying for items weekly for one whole year until you fully own them.

7. MDG

MDG provides financing up to $3,000 on electronics, furniture, home appliances, mattresses that you can pay off monthly in installments. It is one of the few sites that lets you own items as soon as you buy them.

8. Ginny’s

Ginny’s offers clothing, jewelry, shoes, home goods, electronics that you can buy instantly and repay at only $10 per month by opening a credit account during checkout.

9. Country Door

Country Door is an easy place to get household furniture, patio sets, kitchenware, etc. on installment plans with flexible monthly payments as low as $20 after signup.

10. Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue specializes in comfortable, affordable clothing in sizes up to 44W. You can buy apparel, lingerie, swimwear instantly and repay at just $20 per month with their credit account.

11. QVC

QVC offers a wide variety of products on TV and online ranging from home décor to clothing to tech gadgets that you can buy now and pay off in 3-5 installments using their store credit card.

12. Zebit

Zebit provides electronics, home goods, kitchenware, fashion items on installment plans tailored to your income with guaranteed 0% APR. You repay over 6-12 months depending on purchase amount.

13. Midnight Velvet

Midnight Velvet allows you to instantly buy trendy, glamorous clothing, jewelry, and accessories for both men and women and pay later in affordable monthly installments.

14. Ashro

Ashro offers stylish dresses, church suits, footwear, wigs, etc. for women on flexible monthly payment plans starting at just $20 per month.

15. Afterpay

Afterpay allows online and in-store shoppers to split payments on fashion, beauty, homeware, etc. into 4 interest-free installments paid biweekly over 2 months.

16. Monroe & Main

Monroe & Main features affordable trendy clothing, handbags, jewelry that you can instantly buy and repay later in monthly installments starting at just $20.

17. Masseys

Masseys offers extended sizes of footwear, clothing, lingerie, accessories that you can buy on credit without hard checks and pay back in low monthly amounts.

18. Swiss Colony

Swiss Colony allows you to instantly buy delicious chocolates, cookies, cheese, sausage and other food items on installment plans with minimum payments as little as $10 per month.

19. Overstock

Overstock online store offers furniture, rugs, décor, electronics etc. at discount prices. You can opt for 6 months special financing without interest to pay for large purchases in installments.

20. Zzounds

Zzounds is the go-to place for musical instruments, studio equipment, audio electronics that you can buy now and repay in 4 easy installments over 3 months.

21. Leaseville

Leaseville offers appliances, furniture, electronics, fitness gear etc. on rent-to-own basis. You pay low weekly or monthly installments and own the product after the lease period ends.

FAQs on Fingerhut and its Alternative Sites

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Fingerhut and similar installment shopping sites:

Is Fingerhut overpriced?

Yes, Fingerhut products are generally more expensive than on other online sites because they factor in the cost of providing credit. Their target audience is people unable to afford upfront payments.

Can I use my Fingerhut card for shopping at Walmart?

No. The Fingerhut credit account can only be used for purchases on their site. It is not like a general credit card that you can use elsewhere.

Are Gettington and Fingerhut owned by the same company?

Yes. Gettington and Fingerhut are sister brands under Bluestem Brands, Inc. So they have similar business models focused on providing credit financing options.

Does Stoneberry or other such sites help build credit?

Stoneberry does not directly help improve credit score as they do not report account history to credit bureaus. However, sites like Fingerhut do report to help build positive payment history.

How does Fingerhut help build credit scores?

Fingerhut reports account status and payment history to credit bureaus monthly. So making on-time payments over several months can boost your credit score substantially. They also tend to increase credit limits without additional hard credit checks for good payers.

Is applying for Fingerhut credit a hard or soft check?

Fingerhut completes a hard inquiry when you apply for account opening which shows up on your credit report. They do soft pulls for credit line increases for existing customers.


So in summary, Fingerhut and its alternatives like Stoneberry, FlexShopper, Gettington etc. make it possible to buy home goods, appliances, computers, jewelry, clothing on installment plans rather than paying full prices upfront. They approve applicants regardless of credit scores or history. Consider their terms and product pricing carefully before choosing one that suits your needs.

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