Top 10 Best Anime Cosplay Ideas For Halloween 2024

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By Salman Fareed

This year will be the first Halloween without any COVID restrictions so the hype is real. I have compiled a list of the best anime cosplay ideas for Halloween 2024.

Do you struggle with deciding on one of your favorite characters to dress as for Halloween? You’re in luck then. My favorites for anime-inspired Halloween costumes that will stand out while trick-or-treating or having fun at a party are included in my Top 10 Anime Cosplay Ideas list.

If you really want to stand out among other anime fans, this post is absolutely for you because some of my suggestions are well-known anime characters that have never been cosplayed before!

Cosplaying as anime characters have become really popular among anime fans. Finding Halloween costumes based on anime characters has gotten much simpler thanks to regional Halloween shops and online retailers like

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10. Scout – Attack on Titan

10 Best Anime Cosplay Ideas for Halloween 2022

Are you a fan of the Attack on Titan anime but unsure about which character to dress as? Then you should just dress up as an anonymous “scout.”

Attack on Titan’s plot and narrative is driven by the Scout Regiment, a military branch engaged in Titan battle, Titan research, human expansion, and extraterrestrial exploration.

Comparing the Scout Regiment to the other two military divisions, it is known that its personnel are better fighters and adept at employing Omnidirectional mobility equipment.

You will surely surprise people at the Halloween party by cosplaying as a scout member from Attack on Titan. Cosplaying as a scout is among the easy anime cosplay ideas for guys.

9. Misa – Death Note

10 Best Anime Cosplay Ideas for Halloween 2022
Credits: Mon

Misa is one of the most adorable characters in Death Note anime. Dressing up as Misa won’t be a bad idea for this year’s Halloween!

The best and most well-known anime in the world is probably Death Note. Even those who are not anime aficionados have heard of and watched it.

If you’re a goth or grunge girl, a Misa cosplay is one of the best anime cosplay ideas! Pick up a corset, a tartan miniskirt, and some fingerless gloves from your closet right away. If you have a bat handbag, extra points.

Dressing up as Misa from Death Note is one of the best female anime cosplay ideas for Halloween 2022.

8. Uzumaki Naruto – Naruto Shippuden

10 Best Anime Cosplay Ideas for Halloween 2022
Cosplayer: BakaTebayo on DeviantArt

Are ninjas your thing? Do you enjoy the Naruto anime? Then you might enjoy dressing as Naruto Uzumaki.

There are numerous anime cosplay ideas available for Naruto, including his blue and orange ninja clothing for beginners, his black and orange ninja suit following the Time Skip, and his Nine-Tails Chakra, Kurama Chakra, and Six Path Sage modes.

You can choose any of the Naruto cosplay ideas above and you will nail the look at the Halloween party!

7. Asuna – Sword Art Online

10 Best Anime Cosplay Ideas for Halloween 2022
Cosplayer: YuzuPyon

Are you lovely and attractive but also strong? Then you are definitely aware of who to cosplay.

Dressing up as Asuna is among the easy anime cosplay ideas for Halloween 2022. Asuna’s popularity as a character has made her a popular choice for cosplay, and it is quite easy to find everything you need online, including a pre-styled wig.

Asuna is a powerful warrior with the moniker “The Flash,” noted for her prowess with a blade. She is renowned for being loving and devoted, yet she is also incredibly fearsome when engaged in combat, storming into the battlefield armed only with a rapier.

6. Hinata – Naruto Shippuden

10 Best Anime Cosplay Ideas for Halloween 2022

This Halloween, you should think about dressing up as Hinata, Naruto’s true love, if you wish to be a sexy female ninja. Hinata is an adorable and supportive lover of our boy Naruto so dressing up as her for Halloween is a pretty decent choice.

Even though Naruto had some formidable foes to face, he was able to find true love. When they were older, Hyuuga Hinata, a fellow ninja who had loved Naruto since she was a youngster, was able to express her feelings to him.

The slow-witted Naruto needed some time to understand that Hinata was in love with him, but once he did, he also understood that he felt the same way.

5. Nezuko – Demon Slayer

10 Best Anime Cosplay Ideas for Halloween 2022
Cosplayer: @zucora_cosplay on Twitter

Dressing up as Nezuko from Demon Slayer is one of the best anime cosplay ideas for Halloween 2022. Nezuko is not only strong but also quite fashionable!

Nezuko is able to amp up whenever Tanjiro is in danger and battle demons with similar strength to defend her brother. That’s why we love her so much.

Consider dressing as Nezuko from Demon Slayer for Halloween 2022 if you enjoy sexy “yokai” and evil she-demons.

4. Ichigo – Bleach

10 Best Anime Cosplay Ideas for Halloween 2022
Cosplayer: MasukuCosplays

With the release of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, anime fans are hyped up. Now is the ideal time to show your support for the anime by dressing as its recognizable lead character – Bleach. Ichigo Kurosaki

Dressing up as Hollow Ichigo is one of the coolest male anime cosplay ideas for Halloween 2022. As he develops in strength over the series, Ichigo, like Naruto, assumes a variety of “forms,” such as Bankai, Shinigami, Hollow, Final Getsuga Tensho, Soul-Forged Shinigami, Fullbring, Fully Awakened Shinigami Rebuild, and Final Pure Ichigo. You have a wide range of options to pick from, and they all look fantastic.

3. Yor Forger – Spy x Family

10 Best Anime Cosplay Ideas for Halloween 2022
Cosplayer: @niccacosplayer on Instagram

Consider dressing up as Yor Forger for Halloween 2022 as it is one of the best anime cosplay ideas this year. In addition to nailing Yor’s piercing gaze and yandere-like attitude, you will nail the female protagonist’s drop-dead stunning appearance at the party!

Wearing Yor Forger’s halter-style black dress, a golden rose necklace, and a golden headband with enormous roses on either side can help you to portray the character’s hidden assassin side.

You can now assassinate everyone’s hearts at the Halloween party in the role of the Thorn Princess with the use of a giant, golden needle to finish the cosplay.

2. Lucy – Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Dressing up as Lucy from Edgerunners is one of the best anime cosplay ideas in 2022
Cosplayer: @kan.alyss on Instagram

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners has been an instant hit among anime fans and for a good reason! Lucy is one of the most lovable characters in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners so dressing up as her will be a great choice for Halloween 2022.

Dressing up as Lucy is not difficult either and it is among the easy anime cosplay ideas females. If you’re cute and a caring girl but also very strong, you should cosplay as Lucy for this year’s Halloween.

David falls in love with Lucy, a fellow cyberpunk, while following a young mercenary who is trying to establish himself in the Night City. Lucy makes sure to protect David at all costs as he persuades his dream of becoming Night City’s legend.

1. Marin Kitagawa – My Dress-Up Darling

10 Best Anime Cosplay Ideas for Halloween 2022
Cosplayer: Shirogane_Sama

Last but not least, dressing up as Marin Kitagawa from My Dress-Up Darling is one of the best anime cosplay ideas in 2024.

My Dress-Up Darling is without a doubt the most popular anime series this winter 2024. It centers on the life of high school student Gojo Wakana, who has a fascination for making Japanese dolls called Hinas that resemble emperors from the Heian era. He meets Marin Kitagawa, a hardcore cosplay lover, who was his classmate one day.

The two get along well and realize they both enjoy making clothes, especially cosplay costumes. My Dress-Up Darling’s popularity is not deniable so cosplaying as Marin Kitagawa would be perfect for this year’s Halloween.

You can dress up as Marin to recreate her high school appearance, along with her recognizable pink eyes and long blonde hair with pink highlights on the ends.

Final Thoughts

This year’s Halloween is going to be a banger so it’s important that you pick the right costume. I hope that this list of the best anime cosplay ideas for Halloween 2024 will help you pick the right Halloween costume according to your taste.

As always, please get in touch with us! Tell us in the comments which anime cosplayers are your favorites. Have you ever dressed up like a character from an anime?

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