150 + Best Discord Rules Copy And Paste List (2024)

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By Ryan Robinson


Maintaining a healthy server culture hinges on effective moderation. Clear rules form the foundation for reducing disruptive behaviour. But crafting guidelines from scratch is challenging. That’s why having strong starter rules to model with room for customization provides immense value. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Data-backed reasons formal rules prevent issues
  • Technical steps for rules creation
  • 150+ detailed sample rules for key issues
  • How to adapt guidelines to your community

Let’s dive into leveraging good Discord server rules templates to foster positivity!

Why Rules Are Critical for Servers

Best Discord Rules Copy and Paste


Research into online communities finds that explicit rules reduce incidents by over 30% compared to unstructured groups. Rules have a measurable impact by:

  • Clearly banning inappropriate behaviors
  • Deterring misconduct by communicating consequences
  • Providing justification for moderations

They signal a server is professionally managed, encouraging membership and participation.

Even small friends servers still benefit from basic guidelines.

Implementing Rules Channels

Creating visible rules is critical. Lock them down via a dedicated read-only channel:

  1. Make a new #rules text channel
  2. In channel settings, open Permissions > Advanced
  3. Disable “Send Messages” for @everyone

Now let’s put great rules there!

Forcing Consent During Onboarding

Further, ensure understanding by requiring rule acceptance:

  1. In Server Settings > Community, enable Screening
  2. Open Membership Screening
  3. Create a Question requiring rules acknowledgement

This guarantees user exposure before chatting. Next, we’ll explore useful rules to share.

Quality Discord Rules to Copy and Customize

To simplify your rules creation process, leverage this framework covering essential categories:

Conduct Guidelines

  • Be respectful always; no harassment
  • No bullying, threats, hate speech
  • Discrimination prohibited
  • Excessive profanity forbidden

Content Moderation

  • No NSFW/pornographic content
  • No violent, graphic, gory media
  • No illegal materials/activities
  • No spamming repetitive text/media

Platform Usage Rules

  • Follow Discord Terms and Guidelines
  • Impersonation results in bans
  • Using alternate accounts risks removal
  • Do not spread misinformation

Promotions Policy

  • No unsolicited self-promotion
  • DM advertising prohibited
  • Keep promotion contained

Community Building Values

  • Help mentor new members
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion
  • Contribute conversations

Customizing Discord Server Rules for Your Niche

Discord Server Rules

Leverage the above as a baseline then adapt for your specialized community:

Gaming Server

  • Ban exploitation discussion
  • Prohibit griefing teammates

Support Group

  • Prioritize empathy always
  • Respect vulnerability

Local Server

  • Keep identities private
  • Meet up safely

Analyze issues unique to your server and forbid behaviours contrary to culture.

Good Discord Server Rules

Here is a list of 126+ good Discord server rules to copy and paste:

  1. Be respectful, civil, and welcoming.
  2. No inappropriate or dangerous content.
  3. Do not abuse or spam any channel.
  4. Do not join the server to promote your content.
  5. Any content that is NSFW (Not safe for work) is not allowed under any circumstances.
  6. Do not buy, sell, trade/give anything away.
  7. Do not use the server as a dating server.
  8. The main language of this server is English, French, or Spanish.
  9. Discord names and avatars should be appropriate.
  10. Spamming in any form is not allowed.
  11. Controversial topics such as religion or politics are not allowed.
  12. Do not try to bypass the blocked words.
  13. Do not ping without a legitimate reason.
  14. No link or invitation code to the Discord server.
  15. Do not advertise without permission.
  16. Anything that aims to target specific groups or individuals is prohibited.
  17. No major spoilers for any film, TV show, or game on public channels.
  18. Please do not spam.
  19. Do not record conversations on voice channels.
  20. Avoid topics about banned members.
  21. Stay on topic and use the channels correctly.
  22. Do not discuss hacking or cheating.
  23. Do not link to scam sites.
  24. Spoilers must use spoiler tags and be labelled.
  25. Listen to the moderators and administrators of the server.
  26. Use the appropriate channels.
  27. Trading, selling, begging, and account sharing are not allowed.
  28. Do not discuss adult topics
  29. Communicate only in English OR French OR Spanish….
  30. Discriminatory language and hate speech are prohibited.
  31. Be respectful and welcoming as toxicity is not allowed.
  32. Be civil, and don’t treat the messaging channels like an ongoing chat.
  33. Do not ping staff members without reason.
  34. Do not make mass mentions by sending messages to more than 4 people at a time, or by sending random messages to members.
  35. It is an offence to encourage non-compliance.
  36. Do not flood the chatroom by making messages longer than 7 lines on a computer screen.
  37. It is forbidden to engage in chain messages.
  38. Excessive use of Discord stickers should be avoided.
  39. Do not stack more than 5 emojis in a message.
  40. Do not send more than 2 flashing or strobe emojis at a time.
  41. Do not send invitations to the Discord server on the server or in DMs.
  42. Do not send links to online meetings.
  43. It is forbidden to illegally distribute unlicensed material.
  44. You are not allowed to sell anything here.
  45. Do not impersonate other people, including public figures.
  46. Profile pictures, usernames, statuses, usernames containing profanity or inappropriate empty names are not allowed.
  47. Please do not make your nickname “everyone”.
  48. Do not copy or claim the identity of others.
  49. Unpleasant, excessive or inappropriate sounds are not allowed.
  50. Only distribute respectable content
  51. Do not loop or queue the same song with music bots.
  52. If a large group of members are listening to music silently, please mute or switch to another channel.
  53. Do not play music or other audio through your microphone.
  54. Streaming of films or other copyrighted content is illegal.
  55. Do not send malicious or harmful links or files, or anything that endangers the safety of others.
  56. It is forbidden to disclose the personal information of others.
  57. Bullying and harassment are not tolerated.
  58. Please refrain from underhanded moderation.
  59. Do not harass or participate in the harassment of another user.
  60. Do not engage in hate speech of any kind.
  61. Do not threaten anyone.
  62. Do not post dangerous material (malicious websites, pirated software, etc.).
  63. Do not post links or files that crash Discord.
  64. Do not DDoS or threaten to DDoS other users.
  65. You must be at least 13 years old to use Discord.
  66. Be careful when introducing conversations about controversial or sensitive topics.
  67. Community members should strive to achieve a certain level of quality in their messages.
  68. Spoilers should be labelled appropriately using Discord’s built-in formatting, revealing sufficiently the topic being discussed.
  69. Do not request, post or disclose information, links or hacking intentions.
  70. Please limit and be reasonable in promoting content.
  71. All content and messages on this server must be in English OR French OR Spanish… with the exception of common words or phrases at the discretion of staff.
  72. Community members are free to express themselves openly and to provide constructive criticism and feedback.
  73. Whatever the age, try to treat each other as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  74. Please do not contact server members in an unsolicited manner.
  75. Please respect the Discord Terms of Service.
  76. Be civil and considerate of other users.
  77. Follow all instructions from the moderators immediately and at all times.
  78. No hate speech or trolling.
  79. Do not discuss, ask, drive or advertise real money transactions
  80. Any form of harassment, such as blackmail, inappropriate DMs, will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
  81. Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.
  82. No advertising for Discord servers, other programs, websites or services.
  83. The creation of sub-servers with the intention of displacing our members for personal gain is not allowed.
  84. Be kind and respectful to others.
  85. The most important rule of all is to have fun!
  86. No empty nicknames.
  87. No inappropriate nicknames.
  88. No sexually explicit pseudonyms.
  89. No offensive nicknames.
  90. No inappropriate profile pictures.
  91. No sexually explicit profile pictures.
  92. No caps lock.
  93. The moderators reserve the right to delete any message.
  94. The moderators reserve the right to edit any post.
  95. No advertising without permission.
  96. No links to other servers.
  97. Don’t go off-topic / use the right text channel for the topic you want to discuss.
  98. No offensive profile pictures.
  99. No membership granted to minors (under 18).
  100. The moderators reserve the right to change nicknames.
  101. No application for a moderator role.
  102. @mention support for support.
  103. Contact the moderators under #general for assistance.
  104. No sexually explicit content.
  105. No pornographic content.
  106. No NSFW content.
  107. No illegal content.
  108. No publication of personal information.
  109. No personal attacks.
  110. No harassment.
  111. No sexism.
  112. No racism.
  113. No hate speech.
  114. No offensive language.
  115. No religious discussions.
  116. No political discussions.
  117. No sexual discussions.
  118. No spam.
  119. Any harmful material will result in a permanent ban.
  120. Do not share your personal information.
  121. We encourage diversity and inclusion and expect your interactions in this channel to be respectful and guided by these principles.
  122. We encourage free expression for all, we accept our differences, our opinions and our diverse backgrounds, therefore debates are welcome as long as they are based on these ideas.
  123. These rules may change at any time. The moderators reserve the right to warn and ban users at their discretion.
  124. Don’t be toxic or mean, and don’t denigrate other people’s messages without reason.
  125. If you share a link, please include a description (unless the nature of the link is obvious).
  126. Do not impersonate an administrator, moderator or other user.


Healthy server growth requires rules to codify conduct standards, guide moderation, and reduce disruptions. But quality templates can simplify the process while enabling personalization.

Key Takeaways

  • Visible rules channels professionally represent servers
  • Requiring confirmation ensures exposure
  • Copy/paste 150+ template rules by category
  • Adapt guidelines to address niche needs

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