How to Sign Up Phone Number for Spam Calls and Texts? (2024)

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Curious about pranking your friends with spam calls and texts? Discover the latest, hassle-free, and effective methods without diving into complex jargon. This guide will walk you through sign up phone number for spam calls and texts. Learn accessible tricks like telemarketing sign-ups, online ad postings, and utilizing websites for amusing spam calls and texts. Let the fun begin!

Note: Please remember that the information provided is intended only for educational purposes. I must emphasize that I cannot be held responsible if you use the information provided for any illegal activity.

Learn How to Sign Up Phone Number for Spam Calls and Texts

Without any delay, I’ll give you five effective methods to sign up phone number for spam calls and texts. Just make sure to follow each step carefully to ensure anonymity and have some fun while pranking your friend.Sign Up Phone Number for Spam Calls and Texts

1- Sign Up for Telemarketing Calls

To pull off this prank, simply share a phone number on popular platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram’s telemarketing pages. To initiate telemarketing sign-up, just dial 800, 888, or 900 from a friend’s phone.

Once you’ve made the call, your number gets stored, and telemarketing calls will kick in. Some free trials for products and services might ask for your email and phone number, so be ready to share those details.

Anticipate calls from telemarketers letting you know you didn’t hit the jackpot, but they might pitch some other tempting deals. This also covers online surveys – a quick way to start getting telemarketing calls from different companies by sharing your phone number.

2- Post an ad online to Spam a Phone Number

Want to prank your friend with a flood of spam calls? Posting their phone number on a dating site is a surefire way to make that happen. Brace yourself – your friend might get bombarded with scam calls in no time. Another clever trick is to unleash spam phone calls by putting their number in online ads and hitting platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, and eBay. Just toss in some trending products and get ready for the calls to start pouring in on your friend’s phone.

3- Online Surveys and Forms Registration For Spam Calls Sign Up

Registering for spam calls through online surveys and forms is another method that may be used to sign up phone numbers for spam calls. This approach involves providing a phone number when participating in online surveys or filling out forms, which can lead to receiving spam calls.

Learn How to Register for Spam Calls through Online Surveys and Forms

Online Surveys: Some online surveys require participants to provide their contact information, including phone numbers, as part of the survey response. This information can be collected by survey administrators and potentially shared with telemarketing companies.

Website Forms: When filling out forms on websites, such as those requesting personal information for product registrations or subscriptions, you may ask to provide your phone number. They could be used for marketing purposes.

Contests and Giveaways: Participating in contests or giveaways often requires providing personal information, including a phone number.

All these activities can be fun and help in pranks to sign up phone numbers for spam calls.

How to Sign Someone Up for Spam Calls using Websites

When it comes to signing up a phone number for spam calls, there are various online services available that allow individuals to engage in such activities anonymously.

1- (Sign up for spam calls)

Wackyprankcalls is a website that enables users to sign up for a phone number for prank calls. You can easily sign up for a trial account and use it for prank calls with your friend.

2- (Sign up for spam calls)

Sendrandomfacts is another website that offers the ability to sign up for a phone number for spam calls. You can easily sign up for a trial account and use it for prank calls with your friend.

3- (Sign up for spam calls)

Easyprank is another online service that allows users to sign up for a phone number for spam calls. This platform provides features and functionality specifically designed for prank calls, including customizable caller IDs and pre-recorded messages.

Activities involving sign up phone number for spam calls and Texts, or prank calls should always be approached with caution. It’s crucial always to treat others with respect and empathy, ensuring that our actions do not cause harm or distress.

How To Spam A Phone Number With Texts

To spam a phone number with texts, you deliberately share someone’s phone number while filling out online forms, surveys, or snagging freebies. The aim is to expose the number to telemarketers who might bombard it with spam texts.

Start by identifying situations where phone numbers are needed for registration—think newsletters, contests, giveaways, or website accounts. Swap out your friend’s number for yours in these instances, and you’ve successfully enlisted them to receive spam texts. Check out some websites commonly used for this mischief.

1- (Sign up for spam texts)


One service that offers the ability to sign up for a phone number for spam calls and texts is This platform allows users to send anonymous text messages to any phone number they choose.

2- (Sign up for spam texts)

Txtemnow is another online service that enables users to sign up for a phone number for spam texts. This platform allows individuals to send anonymous text messages from temporary phone numbers generated by the website. These services may offer convenience and anonymity.

3- (Sign up for spam texts)

Sign Up Phone Number for Spam Calls and Texts is a website where you can sign up for phone numbers to send spam texts. With Spoofbox, you can send anonymous text messages and make fake phone calls. This lets you hide your identity and make it seem like the call or message is coming from a different number.


How do I get spam from calling my phone?

There are many ways to stop unwanted calls from reaching your phone, such as using call-blocking apps or activating built-in features on your device.

How to avoid unwanted calls?

Blocking unwanted calls, registering your number on the Do Not Call Registry, and avoiding sharing your phone number with unknown sources are ways to avoid receiving unwanted calls.

How to get a phone number for free?

Many websites and apps provide free phone numbers for temporary or limited use.

Does the iPhone have a spam call blocker?

Yes, the iPhone has a built-in spam call blocker feature that allows users to block unwanted calls.

How to spam a phone number on Android?

Several apps on the Android platform allow you to sign up your phone number for spam calls and texts.


Giving out someone’s phone details to telemarketers and prank sites is an unkind prank that results in an onslaught of unwanted calls and texts. Please act responsibly with this information. I trust you’ve found what you needed.

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