PeopleTools ATT: Intelligent Testing for PeopleSoft Efficiency

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By Ryan Robinson

In our rapidly digitizing world, organizations must continually seek ways to streamline operations, unlock innovations, and position themselves for sustainable success. This is where a revolutionary platform called PeopleTools ATT comes into play.

PeopleTools ATT provides a robust set of application development, administration, integration, analytics, and testing capabilities to help companies optimize their PeopleSoft ecosystem. But what exactly is PeopleTools ATT, and how does it empower your business? Let’s explore.

A Closer Look at PeopleTools ATT

PeopleTools ATT stands for Application Testing Tool. It is an extensive automated testing framework deeply embedded within PeopleTools itself. That means it is included as standard with all PeopleTools licenses and accessible right from within PeopleSoft through a browser-based interface.

So ATT provides a built-in way to thoroughly test PeopleSoft components and business processes without needing to manually code tests. And because it leverages the same technology stack, ATT can test everything from single transactions to end-to-end processes across modules.

In a nutshell, PeopleTools ATT brings simplified test creation, accelerated test cycles, comprehensive coverage, and actionable analytics. This leads to higher quality implementations delivered faster with less risk.

Key Capabilities of ATT

PeopleTools ATT

PeopleTools ATT sports a wealth of capabilities to meet a breadth of testing needs across PeopleSoft landscapes. Let’s explore some of the vital features:

Simplified Test Building

An intuitive browser interface and code-free environment streamline building sustainable test assets. Users can instantly capture real production transactions for reuse while adding custom validation logic without coding.

Automated Regression Testing

Schedule the unattended execution of pre-built test suites across releases, patches, and sprints to safeguard functionality and prevent regressions. Execute tests earlier, more frequently, and at scale.

Real-Time Validation

Execute on-demand tests seamlessly from PeopleTools ATT to validate new components, customizations, configurations, and integrations in real time during development. Accelerate delivery cycles.

Cross-Module Integration Testing

Construct end-to-end process tests spanning multiple PeopleSoft modules like FSCM, HCM, and Campus Solutions to confirm seamless integration between components.

What-If Analysis

Introduce invalid data, simulate errors, or stress test boundary values to validate how PeopleSoft applications behave in edge cases. Go beyond happy path testing.

Historical Comparisons

Compare current test run metrics and results against previous versions and sprints to isolate issues and regressions introduced between builds.

Interactive Dashboards

Visually track key test health metrics like run status, pass rate, response times, top failures, and more through interactive dashboards. Easily highlight problem areas.

Real-Time Failure Alerts

Configure alerts to trigger when a test fails or performance thresholds are breached so teams can respond instantly to fix unstable functionality.

As you can see, PeopleTools ATT provides extensive testing depth across the entire PeopleSoft landscape. Next, let’s explore the technical architecture making it all possible.

ATT’s Technical Foundation

PeopleTools ATT utilizes a distributed architecture for enhanced scalability, flexibility, and resilience. There are three core components:

ATT Bots

ATT Bots act as the test drivers, executing test cases and interacting directly with target PeopleSoft environments through the applications’ UI to simulate realistic user transactions. Parallel ATT Bots enable immense scale.

ATT Server

The ATT Server acts as the central hub, managing the dispatching and monitoring of tests across ATT Bots in addition to handling scheduling, results collection, comparisons, and dashboard rendering.

ATT Repository

Houses all reusable test assets including test cases, scripts, expected results, object definitions, and execution history. Enables continuity and consistency across test cycles.

By distributing key roles across specialized components, PeopleTools ATT achieves production-grade reliability and performance capable of the most demanding testing needs.

Unlocking Business Value with ATT

Adopting PeopleTools ATT pays dividends across the business in the form of enhanced productivity, innovation, and sustainable growth. Consider a few high-level benefits:

Risk Reduction

Proactively detecting issues earlier in delivery cycles minimizes project risk by reducing costly production defects and troubleshooting fire drills.

Improved User Experience

Comprehensive test automation delivers higher-performing, better integrated modules and customizations leading to superior end user experiences and productivity.

Operational Efficiency

Testing cycles that used to take weeks or months can now execute unattended in hours or minutes, saving enormous manual effort.

DevOps Enablement

Embed testing directly into modern CI/CD pipelines to transform testing from a bottlenecks phase to a seamless, value-add phase.

Platform Harmonization

Consistent testing processes and metrics across disparate tools creates a unified picture of quality and user experience.


Automated regression testing ensure modifications and upgrades do not break existing functionality to protect long-term stability and extensibility.

These advantages combine to drive leaner yet more agile development cycles that yield better applications delivered faster with less overhead.

Real-World Use Cases

Now that we have explored PeopleTools ATT’s fundamental capabilities and advantages, let’s see it action across some common organizational use cases:

New Implementations

Validate that a net-new PeopleSoft HCM, ERP or CRM solution has been completely and correctly configured before go-live by testing key business processes from end to end.

Upgrades and Migration

After a major upgrade, rerun existing test suites to confirm all functionality remains intact across the entire breadth of the system and catch any regressions.


With heavy customization, modifications can destabilize functionality over time. Create dedicated tests to safeguard integrations, extensions, custom components and more.

Performance Testing

Beyond function, simulate high production load against PeopleSoft modules to baseline and optimize speed, capacity and infrastructure investments pre-launch.

Patches and Fixes

When patches are applied out of cycle, efficiently test affected functionality rather than performing exhaustive regression testing to validate fixes.

As you can see, PeopleTools ATT is a versatile solution fitting within diverse testing strategies across the application lifecycle.

Bringing It All Together

In this increasingly competitive digital era, organizations need to move fast without compromising quality or manage escalating complexity. PeopleTools ATT makes this achievable.

By providing a simplified yet powerful testing platform natively within PeopleTools ATT facilitates continuous validation to instill confidence while eliminating friction. This helps development teams maintain their agility to deliver innovations faster without jeopardizing stability.

In short, PeopleTools ATT is revolutionizing the way PeopleSoft applications are tested, delivered and maintained for the modern business landscape. It is an essential companion for any organization running PeopleSoft to unlock efficiency, productivity and risk reduction through testing automation.

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