What is TikTok Viral ‘OkOkOk’ or ‘LaLaLa’ Quiz: How to Play?

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By Ryan Robinson

A new personality quiz has exploded in popularity on TikTok, captivating users with its simple format and whimsical results. The “OkOkOk or LaLaLa” quiz classifies people into one of two categories based on their responses: OkOkOkOk or LaLaLaLa.

The quiz has no scientific merit but is a fun and engaging way for TikTokers to express themselves and share their vibes with others. So what exactly does it mean if you’re an OkOkOkOk or LaLaLaLa? And how can you take the quiz to find out where you land? Let’s break it down.

Origins of the OkOkOk or LaLaLa Trend

The trend has its origins in Tyler the Creator’s hit song “See You Again” featuring Kali Uchis. In the pre-chorus of the song, Tyler sings “Ok ok ok ok” while Kali responds with “La la la la.”

TikTokers began associating themselves with either the OkOkOk or the LaLaLa parts, lip-synching and duetting along with the song. This sparked the idea that aligning with one part over the other said something about your personality.

Soon after, TikTok user @mintysoap created an actual quiz to definitively establish whether someone was an OkOkOkOk or LaLaLaLa. The Uquiz she designed assigns a result after users respond to 11 simple questions about their preferences and habits.

The quiz took off rapidly as TikTokers rushed to define their “vibe tribe” and share memes about the exceedingly accurate outcomes. Both OkOkOkOk and LaLaLaLa have developed strong sets of affiliated aesthetics, moods, fashion styles, and behaviors.


What Does It Mean to Be An OkOkOkOk or LaLaLa?

According to devotees of the trend, OkOkOkOks gives off confident, bubbly, enthusiastic vibes. Their energy is described as the feeling you get when dancing carefreely to fun music with friends.

OkOkOkOks are all about chasing joy. They lean towards spontaneity, adventure, living life to the fullest. Think: singing in the car, twirling under the sunlight, parties, going with the flow.

LaLaLaLas on the other hand exude more soft, dreamy, peaceful vibes. Their energy aligns with strolling breezily through a flower field, cuddling pets, enjoying cozy aesthetics, and embracing gentle mindfulness.

So OkOkOkOks skew vibrant and bold while LaLaLaLas lean delicate and serene, though of course with lots of nuance. The quiz and associated memes playfully polarize the two vibes.

In reality, people likely combine elements of both OkOkOkOk and LaLaLaLa energies. But according to the trend, you can only definitively be one or the other!

How to Take the OkOkOk or LaLaLa Quiz

If you’re on TikTok, chances are you’ve come across posts proclaiming friends, celebrities, fictional characters, and brands as either OkOkOkOks or LaLaLaLas. Now it’s your turn to be assigned an alignment!

There are two main ways to take the official assessment:

1. “See You Again” Song Method

  • Pull up Tyler the Creator and Kali Uchis’ song “See You Again”
  • Listen closely to the pre-chorus where they sing their signature lyrics
  • If you feel inclined to sing “Ok ok ok ok” along with Tyler, you’re an OkOkOkOk!
  • If you feel inclined to sing “La la la la” along with Kali, you’re a LaLaLaLa! *Lip sync and duet the part you gravitate towards to share your result on TikTok.

2. Uquiz Test

Created by @mintysoap, this quiz presents you with 11 scenarios or preference questions. Based on your responses, it assigns you as either a LaLaLaLa or OkOkOkOk.

Examples include:

  • Pick an outfit
    • Flowy dress vs. Edgy graphic tee & jeans
  • You come across an injured squirrel, you…
    • Call an animal rescue hotline
    • Run away, they have diseases!

At the end of the 11 questions, your result is revealed with an explanation. Then you can share your official classification with pride on social media!

Going Viral: Memes and Reactions to the Quiz

A huge part of what propelled the OkOkOk vs LaLaLa quiz to mega popularity were the memes and reactions it spawned. After taking the assessment, TikTokers began creating short videos displaying their dramatic reactions.

Footage shows users gasping, jumping up and down, laughing or yelling with delight when they receive their hoped-for outcome. Other videos depict crestfallen faces or slow motion collapse to the floors when results don’t align with expectations.

Playful rivalry has also broken out between the two vibes, with creators proudly flaunting how their specific energy is superior. Voiceovers declare “Move, I don’t talk to LaLaLaLas/OkOkOkOks” or “I don’t trust people who get OkOkOkOk/LaLaLaLa.” Heartbroken tales of finding out your bestie is your polarized opposite energy abound.

LaLaLaLas and OkOkOkOks have claimed signature aesthetics, stereotypical behaviors, fashion styles and vibes. Editing, effects, backgrounds, mood music and more signal allegiance with one team or the other. Memes also poke fun at theockey extremism of either vibe.

Overall, most people are having fun evaluating their designation from a lighthearted place. The trend provides ample comedic fodder as well as a way for people to conceptualize and celebrate their unique temperaments.

The Lasting Power of Personality Quizzes

The popularity of TikTok’s latest personality assessment echoes the enthusiastic reception of Buzzfeed quizzes, Hogwarts house sorting, Enneagram numbers, Zodiac signs and more. We humans seem to have an innate drive to understand and categorize ourselves and each other.

Something about neatly packaged, easily shareable results resonates deeply. We can proclaim our type to feel self-understanding and find community in those labelled similarly.  Quizzes like the OkOkOk vs LaLaLa prompt reflections on our core traits and sensibilities.

At the same time, well-designed personality tests utilize the psychology behind effective buzz generators. Formatting the OkOkOk or LaLaLa outcome as two opposing choices stimulates discussion and reactions driving organic, unpaid promotion.

The black and white dichotomy lends itself perfectly for meme formats pitting the two camps against each other humorously. When we feel understood plus included in a wider in-group identity, we eagerly jump to spread awareness.

So while the OkOkOk and LaLaLa phenomenon may fade eventually like other TikTok trends, its underlying psychological hooks will live on: the human desire to define ourselves while connecting with others who fit particular molds. Indeed, personality quizzes know exactly how to tickle our fancies!

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